About Hans

Hans Laurentius (1964)

Keywords: Awareness, freedom, enlightenment, true human adulthood, liberating emotional energy and conditionings, advaita, non-duality.
Trained in the 90’s as a teacher in spiritual therapy. The search stopped, among other ‘things’, mainly through the confrontation with Nisargadatta’s I am That, and Ramana Maharshi’s glare and words and the spontaneous recognition of Awareness (Consciousness) as reality. ‘After’ that awakening the ‘I Am/Consciousness’ was recognised to be the first identification.

Since ’98 Hans has led hundreds of satsangs, retreats and private sessions. He published twelve books and a booklet EHBO – in dutch, many many articles and columns, youtube satsang video’s (some in English) and seven homemade music cd’s. Hans is sometimes described as being too confrontational or direct, or, more kindly, as very clear. On the other hand people credit him for his creativity and patience. Funny, right?
Private sessions can be entertained in English.

In this section of the site you can find translations of some of Hans’ texts, kindly translated by volunteers. But first some quotes, Enjoy!

  • When spirituality is not alarming, it’s not worth mentioning.
  • Burn-out is never about work. It’s a spiritual crisis. Not feeling and listening leads to inauthenticity which at a certain point makes the ‘soul’ scream for change.
  • Self-inquiry is for internal use only. Not for beating others down, or to be used as an excuse for lousy behavior.
  • Becoming aware isn’t necessarily pleasant. It will always bring clarity though.
  • Reality is never a problem until we start to project our beliefs, fears, expectations and judgements onto it.
  • You are far too much interested in solutions, and in the meantime it is your mind (what you believe) who is creating the trouble in the first place.
  • Ego-mind has only two modes: trying to get something and trying to get rid of something. Sprituality based on this doesn’t deserve the name.
  • Unresolved issues keep you from being truly present and real. Avoidance is one of the most weakening tributes of identification with the mind.
  • A lot of (your) spirituality is insincere. It’s mostly based on trying to get rid of something, avoiding authenticity, masking what is really there, taking on a new persona.
  • Not feeling things fully. Not facing facts. Trying to force an outcome. Overreacting and looking for approval. All sings of immaturity. Sub-human attitudes.
  • What you truly are has never been hurt or treated badly, it’s not lacking anything. It’s completely free, whole and shining. NOW. ALREADY. It’s fearless!

Ja, ik doe mee!