Sluit dit zoekvak.

Individual Skype sessions in English

For English speakers 


I’m not out to make friends with you. Neither to hurt you. But I can be quite the asshole at times – it’s my ugly love maybe, Ha! Anyway, among other things, I’m here to point out stuff you might not like to hear, to make clear what is unclear, to take away what you believe to be true, to undermine your defenses, your so called knowledge, to inspire a different way of perceiving and experiencing things and so on. And of course to motivate and support any genuine love for truth and clarity.

 So buckle up, be honest, and as open as you can be. Be silly, be wise, be to the point, be genuine. Bring a sense of humor and don’t be too easily offended – I offer a safe space (HA) in which I am allowed to hurt your feelings if need be. Hurry up, take your time, allow things to happen (or fight me 🙂 ).

Be warned: I’m not responsible for any awakening, insights, transformational or frustrating experiences, temporary insanity, weight loss, hernia’s, joy, openness, distress, love, paranoia, panic attacks, bliss, or other physical, mental, social or economical troubles or benefits that may or may not occur because of interacting with me.

It’s all up to you, and you are not what you believe to be.

U can mail me at: reserveren@hanslaurentius.nl  (please don’t call), it’s practical to state in your mail where u live, so I know your time-zone which makes scheduling a Skype session easier. I don’t do talks through phone.

Duration and fee

A Skype session takes 40 minutes max. It might be 5, it might be 38. It’s not about time really, but about what’s necessary, and that may take as long as it does.

A session will cost $100,00 and is to be payed before the session takes place via PayPal account.
A session will cost $150,00 or even more if you’re a wealthy type of being – this immediately is an honesty check for ya! It’s up to you!

Not being there at the set time and date for whatever reason does not automatically get you your money back or grant you a free rescheduling. Being late doesn’t move up the clock. When your 20 minutes late, there’s only 20 minutes left (max). I don’t say this to be unfriendly, just to be clear.


Your job is to be, not to be this or that.

Sri Ramana Maharshi

When you have discovered something, go deeper.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

The perfect meditation is free from trying to develop certain qualities and the discarding of others.

Shabkar Lama

Rules of thumb

      • See things as they are. Call things by their name.

      • Feel everything fully. (For those who don’t own their feelings, and are emotionally incompetent, will try tot control other peoples behavior. They become petty tyrants.)

      • Think for yourself. And don’t lie. Every lie weakens you and lowers your self-esteem. Plus: a world filled with dishonest people is way worse than necessary. 

      • Undermine your belief system. Challenge everything, and learn how to feel, listen and look – you might be surprised what’s beneath each ‘surface’.

      • Love Truth more that you love your ‘self’ or ego. Selfbetrayal is one of the worst things you can allow to happen – especially when you claim to want to grow or wake up.

      • Be clear, aware and to the point.

      • Note that when you claim not to want to hurt somebody’s feelings, in fact you’re very selfish: you’re just afraid of unpleasant feelings and potential rejection – but you sell that weakness as being social and compassionate. It’s a lie though, a sales pitch. What you don’t say or address, let slide or don’t do because of this fearful tendency poisons everything, including society.

      • Know this: teaching is a device, a medicine, but it’s not the truth.

      • Don’t jump to conclusions, things may be more of a paradox or more complicated than the average mind likes it to be.

      • Discriminate between observations and interpretations. What you feel about something or think about it, is not the thing itself – just your (conditioned) reaction to it!

      • Destroy what seems sacred, and kill your parents (not physically, unless…).

      • Listening and reading can not occur when the mind is desiring a certain outcome. Selfinquiry is very much alike creative processes. Listen and read with complete attention at the appropriate time, give it time and space! AND: don’t read or watch something (‘spiritual’ or otherwise) when you should feel through something, speak up about something to someone, or know you should do something (else) – because then it’s just avoidance and therefore wearing you. 

      • Anything temporary is not IT.

      • Consider: Awakening is a beginning… have a beginners mind.

      • Hold on to no-thing. (And no-one)

      • And trust me: teachers are just like mailmen, it’s about the letters, not the mail(wo)man. They should serve you, not you them! Praising the mail(wo)man, or calling him/her names is rather childish.

      • (So) Adoration is silly and beside the point. Saints do not exist. We’re all just apes that talk and wear clothes. (Appear fully clothed please.)

    Unless of course, you wish to sleep on and remain in child-mode. 

    Ja, ik doe mee!